Real Life Karate Kid Becomes Youngest Black Belt In Britain – Aged Seven

Alfie Oliver who has become the youngest black belt in Britain - aged just SEVENS
Alfie Oliver who has become the youngest black belt in Britain - aged just SEVENS
Alfie Oliver who has become the youngest black belt in Britain – aged just SEVENS

A high-kicking real life karate kid has become the youngest black belt in Britain – aged just SEVEN.

Knee-high ninja Alfie Oliver started his training when he was just four-years-old and has chopped his way to the coveted black belt in Wadu-Ryu karate.

Action-man Alfie is also a qualified instructor and teaches the Wadu-Ryu discipline to the juniors at his local karate club.

It’s only taken the 4’4” fighter just three years to reach the ferocious heights of the Karate kingdom.

But proud mum Rebecca Oliver, 33, remembered how nervous Alfie was when they first took him along to lessons.

Rebecca said: “It started out as just one of those things you do with your kids when you need to tire them out for a bit.

“We never thought he would turn into such a genius at it. He absolutely lives and breathes it.

“He practices whenever he can, usually in the living room. He just loves it and there’s no stopping him.”

Alfie, of Leeds, West, Yorks., trains for five hours a week and competes in two tournaments a year and so far he has won nine trophies.

He has consistently achieved the next belt at a grading every three months since he began at the club, a rare feat that has made him one of the youngest black belts.


Rebecca said: “Because he was of a high grade at a young age he hasn’t had to go into age categories.

“One of his first-place medals was from competing in the under-11s.

“Now because of his black belt he doesn’t really fight against other children as much. They’re all a lot older anyway and my heart would be in my mouth.

“To get the black belt he had to learn the Japanese words for different body parts and the names of the karate moves. He can count to 20 in Japanese too.”

Alfie has been passing on his expertise since getting his Predan, which is the belt before the black belt.

But the little ninja isn’t resting on his laurels.

Rebecca said: “Now he’s working towards his second black belt but he will have to stay at this level for at least three years before he can get that.

“His instructors think that at the rate he’s progressing he could be at his fourth black belt by the time he’s 18.

“The surprising thing is he’s the most placid little boy you could ever meet. He’s never in trouble or anything.

“But karate is a discipline rather than an aggressive sport so it’s not like he’s just kicking someone’s head in.

“I did my own research as a proud mum and I couldn’t find anyone younger than him that has reached this level. So as far as I’m aware he’s the youngest.”

SWNS_KARATE_OLIVER_06Alfie’s instructor, Tanya Pollard, can’t believe the level that he has achieved at such an early age.

Tanya Pollard said: “Alfie is the youngest black-belt that I have ever seen.

“At our karate association we have never had anyone under seven years old that has got the belt.

“I don’t have many children as eager to learn as Alfie.

“He loves it and always tries so hard, if you give him advice he will listen to you and correct himself, he couldn’t be more determined.

“He never misses a lesson and can tell he lives for it.”

Tanya said that Alfie has even started to become an instructor, and helps her to teach the juniors all that he has learnt.

She added: “It has taken him less than three years to go all the way through the ranks and he is passing that on to the juniors.

“He thrives when he is teaching and enjoys helping his friends and the rest of the juniors.

“He is eager to learn different looper moves and is always ready for the next step or challenge.

“It is great to see someone take something you show them in the short time at the club go home, practice it and really show the moves off to the examiner when he is being graded.

“The examiners are all so impressed with how focused and fast he has gone through the ranks despite his age.

“He makes me very proud.”


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