Rare ‘sun halo’ caught on camera


This is the moment an engineer carrying out maintenance work caught a rare sun halo on camera in Herefordshire.

BT engineer Ian Collins, 47, was working on one of the company’s largest 32 metre aerials at Madley International Communications Centre when he took the snap.

Married Mr Collins said: ”I spotted the halo as I was walking towards the aerial with a couple of colleagues.

”It was clearly visible behind the giant structure which screened the bright sun’s disc, enabling us to see the outer halo perfectly.

”It was a truly amazing sight.

”This one is particularly spectacular because you can see the ‘sundogs’ at nine and three o’clock, and the inverted crescent at the top.”

The keen amateur photographer said he always keeps a camera nearby and said it was luck that he managed to capture it on a camera.

The circular halo, often referred to as just a halo, is formed by the refraction of sunlight through cloud suspended ice crystals.


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