Caught on camera: Racist woman Tube passenger abusing middle-aged Asian man


Police are hunting a poppy-wearing woman Tube passenger who launched a vile racist attack towards a middle-aged Asian man.

A film of the shocking verbal assault shows the woman screaming at the man before accusing Asians of “taking over the world.”

The woman, who is wearing a chequered coat with a poppy on the lapel, even stands up and angrily sticks her finger at the passenger who tries to calm her down.

In front of shocked passengers, she rants: “Go f**k yourself. I’ve been round the country.

“I’ve been round the world. You know what I f***ing do? I respect people in their county.

“F**k you c***s. Yeah, you come in this country – you motherf***er c**t.

“You want f***ing everything. And you expect us to take this.

“F**k you you c**t, f**ck you c**t. Your country, f**k off back to your country.

“If your country is so good – why don’t you f**k off back to it. You c**t.

“F**k off you piece of s**t. We’ve all moved to Spain you c**t because of you.

“Oh we’re the racist, we’re the racist ones because we’re the ones that want to live in our own country.

“You c***s – you take over. F**k off, f*** off, you racist c**t.  You’re a racist c**t – you want to take over the world.

“We’ve had enough you c**t – we can’t go anywhere, we can’t f***ing have anywhere.

“We can’t live anywhere.”

British Transport Police yesterday (Mon) launched an investigation into the 3.09 minute long clip, which is believed to have been recorded on an eastbound District Line train as it passed through Stepney Green Tube and Mile End stations.

It was uploaded to YouTube on April 11 but officers believe it was filmed last November because the woman is wearing a poppy.

Detective Constable Lawrence Murphy, the investigating officer, said: “At this stage, we urge anyone who witnessed this incident, or who recognises the woman, to get in touch and help us build up a full picture of exactly what took place.

“We treat all allegations of racism very seriously and urge anyone with information about this incident to contact us.”

The footage has received just over 1,800 views since it was posted online and disgusted users have been quick to condemn the woman’s outburst.

One said: “This woman needs to be jailed regardless the reason for her rant. What a potty mouth ignorant woman.”

Another said: “England is a horrible country to live in.”

* In March last year London Underground passenger Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, was jailed for hurling racist abuse at fellow passengers after a video of her appeared on YouTube, which has since attracted over 200,000 views.


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