Racist thug held a knife to Muslim woman’s throat and demanded she remove her hijab

A Muslim woman in a hijab, similar to the one that angered racist thug David Norris
A Muslim woman in a hijab, similar to the one that angered racist thug David Norris
A Muslim woman in a hijab, similar to the one that angered racist thug David Norris
A Muslim woman in a hijab, similar to the one that angered racist thug David Norris

A racist who held a knife to a Muslim woman’s throat and demanded she removed her hijab has walked free from court.

David Norris, 39, approached Farduja Jama as she walked with her eight-year-old son and said:  “Take the hijab off. This is England, you are not allowed. Take the hijab off before I stab you.”

The thug then pointed the six-inch kitchen knife at her throat before running away when a man in a car rumbled him and took a picture.

Later that day Norris approached a second woman, Iqbal Osman, who was watching her four-year-old play in a park.

He asked her why she was wearing too many clothes and accused Muslims of “taking over” his country, before waving the knife around and leaving.

Norris admitted two counts of religiously aggravated harassment and two counts of possession of a bladed article at Bristol Crown Court.

Recorder Nicholas Rowland sentenced him to a two-year community order with two years supervision and a six month alcohol treatment requirement.

He said: “The reason I am doing this is so that any sort of repetition of his behaviour or if he fails to comply with the order he will be brought back before this court and the court’s hands will not be tied.”

Both incidents happened in the Barton Hill area of Bristol on September 3 last year.

Sam Jones, prosecuting, said: “Miss Jama was walking to a cash dispenser on Church Road with her eight-year-old child.

“She heard shouting from behind in a loud and angry voice. She then heard ‘Off with the hijab.’

“She was then approached by the defendant who was holding a knife in his hand.

“He said ‘Take the hijab off. This is England, you are not allowed. Take the hijab off before I stab you.’

“He then pointed the blade of his knife and put it the left and right side of her neck. It was witnessed by a man in a car who took a photo of the defendant.

“At 12pm a Mrs Osman was watching her four-year old play in the Urban Park in Barton Hill.

“The defendant approached her and asked why she was wearing too many clothes and why she had ‘that thing’ over her head. He then said ‘F***ing Muslim people, you are taking over my country.’

“He produced a knife from within his coat. She grabbed her bag and her child and left quickly.”

After he was arrested, alcoholic Norris chillingly told cops “I’m a killer, that is what I do.”

Victim impact statements from both women outlined how they now felt anxious when they left home.

The court was told that Norris, of Barton Hill, had been on remand for seven months awaiting sentence.

Robin Rowland, defending, said: “Mr Norris does not remember the incident but accepts that it must have been terrifying.

“He deeply regrets his actions.”


    • Its called ‘england’ thats how it doesnt warrant a custodial sentence because of the ‘soft on crime’ policies.


  1. Nuns and woman of all religions have head coverings. Did you not see the picture of Virgin Mary?? What do you is on her head?

  2. Filthy piece of scum should be locked up for life. I bet you if this was a Muslim person that did this they will get life sentence.

    The courts, law and politicians are all corrupt.

  3. “A woman in the hijab” looks stunningly beautiful. It’s none of anybody’s business to dictate others how much clothes to wear. At times I think that the technology is sucking out our humanity from us and we are gradually becoming ignorant assholes.

    • I agree!”It’s none of anybody’s business to dictate others how much clothes to wear” and this includes Muslims teling westersn women they look like whores becaue of they way they dress!

    • oh yeah? are america and canada and australia “white” places? why can’t land just be called the world? we are all citizens of ONE world for crying out loud!

      • Are christians free in islamic countries.you can lose your head for preaching or carrying the Bible in muslim majority lands.it shd be give and take.

        • Being a student of comparative religion I know that the QURAN and ISLAM has no restrictions on preaching any religions in any way…the verse in the QURAN justifies this ” there is no compulsion in religion” ….and there are more than 2 million COPTIC CHRISTIANS ( CHRISTIANS FROM GENERATION) IN SAUDI ARABIA ALONE…I have myself visited places in the world 1 being Saudi Arabia! How can you say that Muslim countries do not allow preaching or they hang you for having bible? this thought is wrong…we are humans of the same world so lets live in peace… in humanity!!

    • I’m from Cuba and not matter the situation if someone did that to my loved ones I’d charge in and brake his legs. See if he make threats like that on a wheel chair.

    • I pity U for saying ” Mr Norris is right England is not a muslim place ——-” . This show ur shallow mental state and urgent need for salvation. Tell me, all the lands and peoples England occupied, destroy and impose their cultures on are they English properties or lands? Why dont U close England’s borders so that others will not “— take over”.

    • Am sorry to here this but where the muslims go, they usually try to mix and interact with other people but in certain circumstances, its other people that move away, they dont try to take over, by the way on the subject of takeover the less said about british rule on other countries the better, this view is my personal opinion, h
      ope i have not offended anyone
      Thank you

    • ur right but…its doesnt said in england that before you enter the england country you need to removed ur hijab… why you dont respect the faith of other…

    • Wow ! Am a Muslim woman and I wear a hijab and trust me actions like what mr.norris did , I won’t even think of! I respect all religions and people as well and if anything ,people like u that see people’s freedom of choice of religion is an issue seem to have the issue themself , and should be monitored because u never know what crazy ideas goes through their mind !!!!

    • Seriously ,were not living in the slave years. Muslims are people. People that follow a religion like many people do in this world. Muslims are not mutants that need to be watched. Nothing wrong in trying to love God and respect the religio

    • You have to laugh. High percentage of Brits are atheists. It suddenly suits them to become religious. It has nothing to do with Muslims taking over the country. The racist scumbag should be jailed.

  4. People are all corupt these days and dont understand. if women are free to show their body they should be free to cover it.disgusting perverts why would anyone care why a woman wears too much clothes.its my bosy no one has the right to tell me what to wear as long as i am a law abiding citizen.

  5. Lol muslims don’t take over any place, its the American and British Armies that try their best 2 take over muslim countries. Bet you didn’t like that?

  6. Why wasn’t he sent to prison the judge is giving out a message that its ok to wave a knife around in public or even put it to someone’s throat and threaten people coz it’s minor and you won’t be sent to jail unbelievable.

    • Bet they wouldn’t like it if there sisters or mothers had that knife on there neck, but because the lady was Muslim the courts send a message that you’ll just get a slap on the hand.

  7. Being a Muslim (or Christian for that matter)has nothing to do with land, place of residence, skin colour or anything else arbitrary; nor does it mean fighting good people, whatever their religion. We were created to know each other, to live peacefully with each other, to help each other. Hatred, intolerance, xenophobia, anger, ethno-centrism are all diseases of the heart which we need to cure intra-personally, i.e. within ourselves first. Peace to one and all.

  8. Seriously?! People are dying in all countries
    Both Muslims and “whites” and all you are worries about
    Is what Muslims cover there’s heads with?
    Why isn’t there a law on nuns covering their heads?
    Why don’t people argue that case?
    Why do people wear hats?! Why are you covering your head?!
    And if “England” is a one race country then why is it
    Half of the English men are claiming benefits whilst Muslims work! Your
    More than happy to spend out hard earned taxes….yet you complain?
    And finally if England is a white mans country
    Why the hell do you go on holiday to get all tanned?! Eg Spain, turkey, Dubai
    Don’t visit those countries and yet complain Muslims are taking over yours?!
    Do the logic

  9. Now a Muslim man should go to a white women who is half naked and tell her to get dressed and put some clothes on, I bet they would take that in a total different manner, then he would be declared a terrorist most probably!

    • Yes because then they have nothing that they can work by, no work, job done for the judge, home time case closed!! utter garbage of a law! they should be slashed repeatedly until they remember the english law is a bag off laughs!

  10. It’s still better! Last year three Aussie girls wanted to know how it feels like when you walk around wearing full hijab and they carried out what they had planned. And later that day when they were interviewed they cried and said how the so-called ‘civilized people’ were throwing nasty words on them!

    • ‘muslim sympathizers’ or people who think everyone should live free of violence. I didn’t realise having the same beliefs as someone makes a person guilty for the shit things they do.

    • Wow your comment and links are so irrelevant.

      Just because a few people from a certain religion carry out a single bad act or even more for that matter, it doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the people following the same religion should be blamed too.

      You obviously haven’t done enough research to know that Islamically, it is forbidden for Muslims to force people into the religion. It goes against Allah’s teachings.

      Anyway, it has no relation to this article so please keep your insignificant comments to yourself. Thank you.

    • In islam its against our religion to force someone to be muslim. The people doing that arent real muslims. Wish ppl would stop judging the religion from peoples actions.

    • why do u think PAKISTAN is the only MUSLIM COUNTRY?? why see a black sheep in the whole flock of sheeps? why dont you find any flaw in Saudi Arabia where you see the original Islamic Sharia?? thats where islam started …dint it?

  11. Shariah Justice against the Leader of the Islamic Caliphate, the Caliph!!! vs a Jew!!!

    Once Hazrat Ali was walking in the market place when he saw a shield, which had been stolen from him a while ago, in the possession of a Jew. Hazrat Ali approached the Jew and told him that the shield belonged to him. The Jew, however, refused to give it back to him saying that it was his. Hazrat Ali decided to take the case to court. The Muslim judge of Kufa at the time was Shuraih, who had been appointed by Hazrat Ali himself. Hazrat Ali requested Shuraih to settle the dispute between them.

    The following discussion took place in the court.

    Shuraih : “O Ameerul Mumineen, what is your claim? Ali : “This shield belongs to me. It was stolen from me a while ago.” Shuraih : “What do you have to say, O Jew?” Jew : “What a grave liar is the Ameerul Mumineen! The shield is mine.” Shuraih : “Ali, do you have any witnesses?” Ali : “Yes. Hasan, my son and Qunbar, my slave. Shuraih : “The testimony of your slave is accepted but your son cannot testify in your favour.”

    Ali had lost the case. He turned to the Jew, saying : “You may keep the shield.”

    Jew : “The Ameerul Mumineen brought me to a Muslim judge and he is pleased with the judgement passed against him! You have spoken the truth, O Ali. The shield was yours all along. I had picked it up one day after you dropped it. I declare that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammed is his messenger.”

    Ali gave the shield to him anyway. He remained faithful to Ali from then onwards until he was killed in the battle of Siffin.

  12. And you see if it was a muslim who do done that, all of a sudden it would have been all over mainstream media, news and everyone would be going crazy trying to warn others of muslims. But hey what do you know when a non muslim does it, it’s perfectly fine isn’t it? Because innocent women who were just guarding their modesty, showing their devotion to god was such a crime and they sooo deserved being thereatened and told to take off their hijab didn’t they? Why is it that western countries pride themselves of how much freedom they allow when really they are the true oppressors. There will never be peace #fact. Fix up people. Stop discriminating.

  13. omg that is absolutely disgusting and shame on the person commenting talking about it being a white country… we are all humans there on no restrictions on which country is who’s. End of the day We all Bleed RED!!!!

  14. Thank God that no one was badly hurt and i think that no matter what race/religeon you are we all need to keep calm and alert whats going on around us and not thinking that one race is better than another.

  15. Absolutely disgusting behaviour…

    To threaten anyone over their beliefs is a terrible thing, but a woman, especially in the company of a child is just disgusting.

    To live in this day and age without some kind of awareness and acceptance of different cultures is inexcusable. And the worst part? Muslim people are some of the nicest people I’ve ever spoken to! The way Muslims often get treated in this country is unfair and unacceptable.

    I’m Caucasian, grew up without religion or exposure to cultures other than my own, yet even I’m able to open my mind and heart enough to learn about and accept people from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion or culture. So no excuses should be made for this asshole, he should not be walking free.

  16. Muslims should be treated as equals. I’m sick of people thinking your from a muslim country if you wear the hijab. No one should be treated in this way the two women were. I will stand by the people who suffer from this everyday. Thank you

  17. Ok so muslims he said are taking over HIS country because he sees all muslims as immagrants,but i like to ask him and over racist like him, that what about me and many many other WHITE BRITISH muslims who have chosen to be a muslim and want to cover there head how am we affecting you,cos its my country as well my parents and grandparents for thousands of yrs have british blood.
    Its just people like u dont like anything that different. And dont know how to deal with anything u cant control for example seeing a women showing her self. U wanna control and oppress women by thinking u have a right to see her body.

  18. I personally think that the law was unfair towards this incident. This guy should be in jail for at least 2 years. And i’m talking minimum. Let alone the fact that he did this in front of CHILDREN. Can you imagine how scared and mortified the children were? And lemme say one thing, If a woman wants to cover her head, let her do it! It’s her body, it’s her choice, and ONLY she has power over her body. And I want to respond to the person who said that Christians are not allowed to practice their religion in Islamic countries.. Ok, I’m from Doha, Qatar. It’s in the middle east. I’m in a private school, where its mixed, and is multi-national. I have a lot of christian friends, and guess what? They wear their cross as a necklace, they can read their bible, wherever, whenever they want! And Please STOP being so racist towards muslims and other people. it’s WRONG.
    and P.S: We have a church in Qatar.
    I think i’ve made myself clear.

    I love all my muslim and christian friends. We are all one big family. We are all the same.

  19. Salute to you sir…. Making a stand I agree they
    Are taking over…. Say they are a religion of peace
    No you ain’t all the worlds problems are created by
    You and your pedophile prophets ideology a truly disgusting
    And despicable race who can’t handle being looked down upon

    • Wow! You clearly need to educate yourself about Islam. Get yourself a practicing Muslim friend. May s(he) will change your mind.

  20. Wow….. What I’m getting from this is that it’s wrong to not want men perving on you… How the…..? And suddenly, it’s wrong to want to cover your body, because then of.course, men might have the wrong ideas about you…… I’m absolutely amazed…. This has just given me more reason to consider wearing the headscarf. And people who bring race into this… You do realise that no person is completely “white”? Because people have moved here to settle, people weren’t just born here and declared that they were the true english…. You are originally a settler. Black, white, Brown, or even freaking purple, you are or were originally a settler….. I’m 13, and it surprises me that my generation although dependent on technology, and, let’s face it, immature teenagers, they’re way more accepting then past generations… You guys need to clean up your act and set an example for the coming generations….

  21. WOW! well, what happened to the so call “Freedom Of Religion”?!! Oh well Muslims are taking over Not only his Country But Europe.. England people are Converting to Islam every damn day so why don’t he STOP his own people for accepting Islam if he’s real?! Too bad Islam will always rise and soon take over many countries:)

  22. I reckon if a Muslim would have done that he would have gone straight to jail but its all different when tables are turned, soldiers die everyday and the drummer lee rigby was killed by a Muslim which is why the pathetic ‘EDL’ poke their noses into it! They are mad because a white English man was killed by a Muslim man. I don’t understand how the media needs to pinpoint who is Muslim or not it doesn’t change the way the people act . Automatically saying ‘a Muslim man killed an English man’ this is going to cause a hell lot of arguments as it already has .
    My thoughts and love and respect go to Lee rigby. He shouldn’t have died like that. He will always be loved.


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