Puppy makes miracle recovery after being found chained to a GRAVESTONE


A tiny puppy has made a miracle recovering after she was discovered barely alive and chained – to a gravestone.

Helpless Jack Russell puppy Tinkerbell was abandoned in the cemetery shackled to the headstone with just a bowl of water and a few biscuits.

She was picked up by a dog warden who spotted the poor creature in a cemetary in Stroud, Glos, and took her to a nearby sanctuary for lost dogs.

Manager of Teckels animal sanctuary, Joan Barrett, said her staff were disturbed by the condition the poor puppy was found in.

She said: “I have seen many dogs who have been brought in, but none have had a look on their face like Tinkerbell – she looked so scared.

“She was quite traumatised and we have kept her in the office all week, she didn’t want to be left alone.”

When no one came forward to claim the unwanted dog, she was rehomed with a loving family.

New owner Heather Glassonbury said: “I think it is just so sad that someone could treat an animal like that. She is such a lovely little thing.

“Tinkerbell is settling in well and we have given her some doggie chocolates and she will be having a tasty cooked chicken for her tea.”


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