Publishing Training Centre launches digital skills courses for editors


The Publishing Training Centre (PTC) has launched two new courses for editors to develop their publishing skills in the digital age.

Recognising that working practices have changed, the PTC has created Introduction to Editorial Skills and Progress in Editorial Skills. For the very first time, the PTC is offering new editors the opportunity to learn proofreading and copy-editing skills, on-screen and on paper, in tandem.

These courses will provide delegates first with basic skills in proofreading and copy-editing, and then allow them to develop further giving confidence when dealing with tricky editorial challenges. They are relevant to anyone who is working on material which will be printed or published digitally and will be launched with first outings in spring 2015 in London.

These courses are also the first PTC open courses to offer Publishing Qualification Board certification

A spokesman said: ‘The PTC endeavours to offer editorial training in the most up-to-date methods in the constantly-evolving world of publishing.

‘To help us to keep ahead of the game, we conducted research into how in-house and freelance editors are working now, and how we can equip them with the skills to improve their productivity. We also talked to editors, publishers and tutors and, along with the results of the editorial survey we undertook earlier in the year, have created two new flagship training courses: Introduction to Editorial Skills and Progress in Editorial Skills.

‘We also employ course highly experienced authors and tutors and this is certainly the case with these courses. This completely new course is based on my 30+ years of editorial experience in publishing. It covers all the skills an editor needs and places them in a real-world 21st-century context.’

After completing Introduction to Editorial Skills, delegates will be able to understand the different editorial processes and appreciate the distinct roles of copy-editor and proof reader. Delegates who embark on Progress in Editorial Skills will consolidate these skills and move on to study the more subjective areas of editorial judgment and decision making.

These new courses are just a part of the continually changing programme offered by the PTC. We are constantly monitoring, reviewing and revising our courses which cover subjects as varied as Content Strategy for the Web, Copywriting for Publishers and Digital Project Management. Our courses are all delivered at central London locations and are scheduled throughout the year.

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