Prospective Labour MP Darren Jones collapses live on Bristol-based MADE TV


This dramatic footage shows the moment a prospective Labour MP collapsed at an election debate – seconds before going live in air.

Darren Jones, 28, was standing at a podium alongside his political rivals when he complained of pins and needles in his legs.

As the countdown to broadcast ticked away he staggered forwards towards the presenter and took his glasses off as he started losing his balance.

He got half way across the studio floor before he collapsed as members of the audience jumped out of their seats to help him.

The programme, aired by local TV station Made in Bristol, was delayed for nine minutes while and an ambulance was called and Darren was helped from the studio.

He quickly recovered outside the studio and later blamed his collapse on exhaustion brought on by a cold during the busy election race.

“My team and I have all been working really hard to make sure we return a Labour MP for Bristol North West that will fight for the things that really matter,” he said.

“I managed to catch a cold in the process but wanted to make sure that Labour’s vision for a better Britain was represented so I went to the studio anyway. Clearly this was unwise!

“My opponents and the Made in Bristol team were really helpful and I’m now OK and raring to get back onto the campaign trail.

“I’m just sorry that I was unable to represent the interests of Labour supporters on the show, but I look forward to the opportunity of representing the people of Bristol North West in Parliament in a few weeks time (hopefully!).”

(© Made in Bristol / SWNS)

The live debate show, called ‘Decision Made’, was the second in a series of three and included candidates for the marginal seat in Bristol North West.

Filmed at the station’s HQ in Filton, Bristol, the panel also included incumbent Conservative MP Charlotte Leslie, Lib Dem Clare Campion-Smith and UKIP candidate Michael Frost.

Just 11 seconds before the programme was due to go live at 9pm on Monday evening, the candidate complained of pins and needles in his legs to presenter Ellie Pitt.

At one second past nine 9pm – but before the broadcast had actually reached viewer’s TVs – he fell to the ground, being partially caught by the presenter and members of the audience.

Darren was helped outside by members of the audience but soon recovered and cancelled the ambulance that the Made staff had called for him, with staff members taking him home.

Just hours before the broadcast, Darren tweeted: “Stocking up to fight what feels like the start of a campaign trail cold and find that this is apparently a thing:”

The tweet was accompanied by a picture of a bottle of ‘Man flu’, a ‘Hot or shot’ drink which is meant to help soothe the symptoms of flu.

(© Made in Bristol / SWNS)

Following his collapse, the show was postponed for nine minutes, with adverts being aired in the meantime, but eventually went ahead and finished on schedule.

An ambulance was called but this was later cancelled when it became clear that Darren was not seriously ill.

Chris James, station manager for Made in Bristol, said: “All of us at Made in Bristol TV hope Darren is recovering, and we send him our very best wishes.

“It was a truly shocking moment to witness for everyone here.

“We called an ambulance immediately and a number of Made TV staff and audience members carried him outside to get some fresh air.

“We halted the live programme and put something else on air while we helped Darren.

“After checking with the remaining candidates and they said they were happy to continue, we commenced the broadcast of the live debate at 9:09pm.

“We have spoken to Darren and he is feeling much better and said he was disappointed he couldn’t take part, but he is ok.”


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