Profile of the modern family: Three mobiles, three laptops, and five hours of TV a day

Portrait of the modern family

The average modern family now own 3 mobiles and 3 PCs or laptops between them, research has revealed. The findings emerged in a study of 2000 families, and revealed that technology has a huge impact, with 6 devices spread across the average four-person family.

It also emerged that every day, families watch five hours and 14 minutes of television, with more than half saying it’s usually kids’ programmes which are on the screen.

TV dominates the discussion too, with the majority of arguments taking place in the home each day now over what to watch- documentaries, dramas, news and soaps were found to be among the most popular programmes on the box (when parents actually got their say, that is).

Portrait of the modern family

The results emerged following a study commissioned to mark the release of Modern Family Season 3 in the UK.

A spokesman for Modern Family commented on the findings: “Everyone considers their home life to be normal, so it’s fascinating to find out exactly what ‘normal’ is for modern families of the 21st Century.

“The survey reveals it’s not just in TV shows like Modern Family where parents and kids row so much – Brits row more than five times a day, two of which are about what to watch on the TV.

“But it’s good to see that families still enjoy plenty of time together, whether that’s quality time at home, day trips or simply eating together for the majority of their evening meals.

“Technology also plays a major part in modern households now with several TVs, computers and mobile phones owned by each family.

“Children in particular are taking over the household gadgets, not least what’s on TV, with more than half saying it’s kids’ programmes that are on screen.”

The research also found that the average income for the modern family now sits at £39,223 ($63,646), covering the cost of the three mobile phones and three laptops or computers spread throughout the family.

Compared to the TV time, the quality time falls short- only two hours and 55 minutes each day is spent together, often around an evening meal.

The research also extended into sleeping habits, finding the average family is up by 6.45am, but has a lie-in until 7.44am at the weekends.

In the evening kids are tucked up in bed by 8.10pm with the adults in the family following at 10.23pm.

Researchers also discovered that the average family now own two cars – one of which is a blue Ford.

 The average family:

– Two children
– Wakes up at 6.45am on a weekday and 7.44am on a weekend
– Kids to bed at 8.10pm
– Adults to bed at 22.23pm
– Two TVs in the house
– Watches 5 hours 14 minutes of TV a day
– Most likely to watch kids shows on TV
– Has two rows over the TV and remote each day
– Spends £81.92 a week on food shopping
– Eats a meal together 5 times a week
– Has two takeaways a month
– Has two hours and 55 minutes of quality time together each day
– Goes on one day trip a month
– Goes on two family walks a month
– Plays sports twice a month
– Go to the cinema once a month
– Visit friends or extended family twice a month
– Goes on one bike ride together a month
– Has three rows a week
– Owns two cars – one of which is a blue Ford
– Owns three mobile phones
– Owns three laptops, computers or tablets
– Earns a household income of £39,223



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