Product Packaging – An Important Task for Manufacturers


Packaging, besides the actual product in it, is very important as far as the quality is concerned. The purpose of packaging is to show the consumer the image of the product and other important information related to its use and ingredients that it contains.

There is a whole science behind product packaging. It is considered as a science, an art and a technology that helps in the sale, distribution,and protection of a product. We recognize products from their packaging. We do not specificallyrecognize corn flakes, but we specificallyrecognize the packaging in which corn flakes come in.

Usually, we see that packaging material is made from raw material that has plastic, steel and wood origin. The consumer products are then stored in packaging made from these materials. In the retails stores, the packaging is the main service that is taken care of.

Reasons for Packaging Products

There are several reasons for packaging products.

1. Consolidation

Product packaging helps in consolidating many copies of one product. For instance, if you have 12 cans of coke or another beverage, then you can deliver them to the consumer just by consolidating them into a 12 can packaging.

This means that multiple products can be shipped at one time through consolidation, which is only possible if proper product packaging is done. It iseasier to store this way and much more comfortable in displaying them rather than placing individual cans on the shelf. As a result, not only companies can deliver a huge number of products at a time, but also the cost of transport is reduced.

2. Protection

We need to protect our products from damages, from breaking, etc. Many products go bad much earlier than other if not properly packaged. It is done so that products could stay usable and safe for a more extendedperiod.

So, packaging materials are not just to display the inside product, but they have another important role in protecting the product inside of it. It is, therefore, important to package all products, especially the delicate ones, with good packing material.

All the popular product packaging companies, such as Allinpackaging, are now conscious about their packaging materials because people question them and get even rejected if fail to supply good quality packaging material.

3. Information

Another reason why packaging is important is that it delivers information about the product it is containing as the customer is more curious about knowing the product inside of it. Detailed information about the ingredients used for making that particular product, the guideline about the use of the product and the contact information of the manufacturing company are mentioned on the packaging.  

4. Brand Identification

Each brand has its way of packaging their various products. It is the packaging material that is identified by the customers when they come to buy. If there is no packaging, it is impossible for the consumer to know the brand. Also, brands have their credibility and packaging material is one source of proving that a product is actually from a particular credible brand.

5. Sales Promotion

Good packaging is in itself is the promotion of a brand. If packaged in aesthetically appealing packing, more customers will be attracted to that product. It plays an important role in influencing a person to buy a particular product.

It is important for a product manufacturer to provide good product packaging supplies because the packaging is now playing half role in the sales of a company’s products. It is safe to say that it is an important task, in addition to others, that any manufacturer needs to pay attention to.


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