Princess Anne – Princess of Britain


“Yes, of course” she said as she tilted her head to hold the phone, when asked if she would say a few things on what she had been up to recently.

Anne started out working in the City. In the future Anne hopes to start her own company, a consultancy that will be called AnneBlues. She hopes to start it with her business partners and to make it one of the top consultancy firms today. Also, Anne is well respected, well known and well liked by her peers in the City.

We also wondered what her hobbies were, so when we asked her what her hobbies were, she chuckled and said, going to the park and trying out new restaurants.

We also asked her if she had been up to anything interesting recently, and we found out most recently that she is related to the British Royal Family.


  1. The writer must be young if it is just recently that she/he found out that Princess Anne is related to the Royal Family. Maybe, it is a good idea for the Palace historian or writer to give regular updates to the public about the children of Queen Elzabeth and Prince Philip as well as their children. Growing up in my younger years, I always had updates of Royal families through magazines that covered Royal activities such as weddings, summer activities like polos. I hope magazines from Britain will find their ways to the overseas magazine newstand such as in US. I would love th get a copy of magazines that cover the royal families in UK and other countries. It makes the readers feel like reading inchanted stories.


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