Prince thanks Royal Wedding wine campaigners


Prince William has thanked campaigners who wrote to him requesting that English Sparkling Wine be served at Friday’s Royal Wedding.

Prince thanks English wine campaigners

Thousands of patriotic Brits joined a Facebook campaign requesting the Royal family shun traditional French Champagne in favour for wine produced on home soil for the Prince and Kate Middleton’s wedding reception.

The campaign, organised by drinks industry recruitment website, urged Brits to raise awareness of the quality of UK sparkling wines – and give a much-needed boost to the British economy by encouraging people to buy British wines.

Mark Ferguson, from Sunderland, said: “Given that Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rose Brut (2008) and the White Pinot ‘Cornwall’ Brut (2007) won Gold and Silver (including Champagne) at the IWC 2010 respectably you would think this would be a no-brainer.”

Neil Courtier added: “I would hope that the groom’s father put his foot down if needs be and insist that an English fizz is chosen to serve on the big day.”

ChinChinJobs spokesperson Johan Hallvig said: “For this very British event we think that English Sparkling Wine should be served, advertising to the world how great British bubbly is!”

French Champagne is used by the Royal Family on many formal occasions, such as the recent first visit by William and Kate to name and launch a lifeboat in Anglesey.

A representative for the Prince thanked the campaigners who wrote to the Royal Family but refused to confirm which drinks would be served on the big day.

They said: “The wine and other beverages to be served at the wedding have long been decided, although we cannot confirm what they are.”



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