Prince George Spotted In Girl’s KNEECAP

Minnie Petricca's photo where an image of Prince George has appeared on her kneecap

A mum-of-three was astonished to see Prince George’s face – on her daughter’s KNEECAP.

Rachel Petricca, 47, saw the young royal’s face on the patella of her daughter, Minnie, 17, a dancer.

Minnie, was taking part in a photo shoot on 26 October when Rachel noticed the startling resemblance to the Royal heir.

Talented Minnie has been dancing since she was two and appears in the show reel for this year’s Britain’s Got Talent,

Minnie Petricca’s photo where an image of Prince George has appeared on her kneecap

Rachel, a retail assistant, from Tamworth, Staffs, said: “I was looking at the photos and zoomed in to edit one.

”That’s when I noticed her knee looked just like Prince George.

“I said to Minnie: ‘Oh my goodness, your knee looks like Prince George’. But she said: ‘No it doesn’t Mum, you’re off your rocker.'”

Minnie even asked her mum to delete the photo.

Minnie said: “I told her to delete the photo, it was so silly. I think it looks like George a little bit, but it’s on my knee so it’s a bit embarrassing.

“It might be because I’m a dancer and my knee is more toned than other people’s.”

However Rachel was convinced and sent the picture to all of Minnie’s schoolmates to ask if they agreed.

Rachel Petricca from Tamworth, Staffs and her daughter, Minnie.

She said: “On the sly I sent the picture to everyone at her dancing school, the Birmingham Ormiston Academy.

“Everyone found it funny and they agreed with me: her knee does look like Prince George. I just keep looking at the picture and laughing.”

Rachel revealed that her daughter is obsessed with Prince Harry which makes the appearance of his nephew on her knee even funnier.

She said: “She’s obsessed with Prince Harry, but then name a girl who isn’t.

“I think it’s great that she has a nice role model like Harry, who is classy and does good deeds.”

Minnie added: “Harry’s just so normal. I love him.”


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