PC Dave Cracknell holds Kristina Kacorri’s new born baby outside the Camborne Police Station in Cornwall. PC Dave Cracknell acted as a midwife when Kristina starting to give birth her son outside of the police station.See swns story SWBABY . A pregnant mum raced to a police station when she went into labour early – and had her baby delivered by officers from C-SECTION. Kristina Kacorri, 28, and her husband Max, 33, were heading to hospital after her waters’ broke at home. But when they realised they couldn’t get there in time they took a detour to their local police station in Cambourne, Cornwall. Officers rushed outside to find her in the final stages of labour in the car park. PC Dave Cracknell took the role of midwife while Sgt Paul Freestone, PC Jason Gilbert, PC Jim Gallienne and PC Tony Wood provided back up. The team – all part of Devon and Cornwall Police’s C-SECTION – safely delivered a baby boy weighing 5lb 10oz. Kristina and Max, from Penzance, were taken to hospital following the special delivery in the early hours of last Friday. Both mum and baby boy – born one week premature and yet to be named – are doing well.

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