Prankster Shocks Girlfriend By Pretending To Drop Engagement Ring Into Water During Proposal



Shocked Natalie RIpley had her heart in her mouth when her boyfriend proposed to her in a tropical lagoon – and then dropped the ring in the water.

Prankster Pash Canby got a fellow holidaymaker to film the big moment as he popped the question to Natalie on a boat during their two-week trip to Thailand.

The footage shows him preparing to place the ring on her finger – only for it to slip of out his hand and into the lagoon.

Shocked Natalie, 28, is left shaking as Pash pauses for dramatic effect.

But a few moments later he reveals that it was all a big joke with a cheap imitation and produces the real £2,000 ring from his pocket to propose.

The couple were then cheered and applauded by other tourists on their boat as a relieved Natalie said yes.

Natalie, a receptionist of Plymouth, Devon, said; “I saw the ring going into the sea and I started shaking.

“Two guys jumped in the water and started looking for it. I didn’t know what was going on.

“Pash is so clumsy, literally he’s the most clumsy person I know, so I thought it was real.

“When I saw the real one I wasn’t cross, I was just relieved.”


She added: “We had such a big audience. There were about three boats all watching and another 50 in the sea. Everyone was clapping – it was amazing.

“But we never thought it would get views like this. When we got back from Thailand everyone knew what had happened. It has been crazy.”

Pash, 30, a tattoo artist, revealed he planned the trick before he left and even bought a fake ring.

He said: “Me and my brother cooked it up together the day before we left.

“One idea just led to another and I thought, ‘Right that’s it, I’m going to do it’.

“We were on the beach and I told Natalie I needed to go to Starbucks to check my messages.


“But really I was off on the streets trying to find a fake engagement ring.

“I managed to come across a store and had to barter for it. It ended up costing about £4.”

Pash said his biggest fear was getting the rings mixed up and dropping the real one.

But it all ended happily and the couple and are no back home and planning to marry in 2018.


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