Practical presents top most people’s wish lists this Christmas


Luxury gifts are out this Christmas – with practical presents now topping most people’s wish lists, it emerged today.

Practical presents top most people's wish lists this Christmas

A hangover from the recession has left many of us still keeping a tight reign on spending and that has lead to a downgrading of gift expectations this time round

Rather than asking friends and relatives for ‘I want’ gifts nine out of ten people will opt for ‘I need’ presents such as underwear or even kitchen utensils – or even money.

Clothes are the most popular thing Brits are asking for this year, followed by cash and gift vouchers.

An electric toothbrush, power tools, bed linen and saucepans also featured in the top ten.

A spokesperson for Oral-B, which commissioned the research among 3,000 adults, said: ”Many people dread the big spend on Christmas presents, and this year is going to be no exception.

”But if you know you are getting someone a gift they either need, or will get plenty of use out of, it can make it easier to part with the cash.

”If someone has a list of things they really need to buy, but can’t really afford to get, giving it to them in place of something less practical can really help them out.

”They will be really much more thankful for it when they open a practical gift on Christmas Day over something which will just get lost in the back of a cupboard.”

The study also found 86 per cent would rather receive a present they needed than something which was less of a necessity.

More than eight out of ten also said they would rather give someone a present they knew was needed, with another 83 per cent prepared to spend more money on a gift in this case.

Almost two thirds of Brits said getting something the recipient really wanted was the biggest consideration when buying a gift now, followed by the cost and value for money.

Mums emerged as most likely to buy a practical gift this Christmas, followed by dads, sisters and friends.

Researchers also found a cheeky 46 per cent have even taken a present back and exchanged it for something they needed.

Jasmine Birtles, founder of said most people are still keeping a close eye on outgoings.

And she added; ”With the credit crunch continuing to bite, VAT rising in January and increased anxiety about cuts and job losses, consumers are even more conscious of what they are spending on and they are increasingly ‘anti-waste’.”

Top Ten Practical Presents
1. Clothes
2. Cash
3. Gift vouchers
4. Underwear
5. Socks
6. Bed linen/towels
7. Power tools
8. Electric toothbrush
9. A set of knives
10. Saucepans


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