Pothole misery costs drivers £1.2billion


Potholes have caused more than £1.2billion worth of damage to over ten MILLION cars, a study claims.

Around one in three British motorists has suffered damage from a dodgy road surface, costing an average of £121 to repair.

The study, commissioned by Continental Tyres, also found over two million drivers have endured a near miss with another vehicle or pedestrian due to potholes.

Worryingly, one in five had reported a pothole to their local authority – but over half of those said the council took no notice.

One in six motorists reported tyre damage caused by potholes.

Tim Bailey, safety expert at Continental Tyres, which questioned 1,500 drivers, said: ”Potholes are an increasing danger on our roads.

”The amount of damage caused is a big worry for motorists, especially when it’s something that could be avoided.

”Another cause for concern is the fact that over half the respondents neglected to check their tyres after an encounter with a pothole.

”This is essential as there can be hidden problems such as bulges caused by hitting a pothole, which can later cause the tyre to suffer a blowout.”

On average, motorists reported an astounding four potholes within 100 metres of their house with more than one in five stating there is a pothole close to their home that is dangerous.

More than 80 per cent think the roads have got worse since the beginning of 2009 due to the bad weather.

And the local authorities are doing little to help, with three quarters of motorists unhappy with how the council maintain the roads and 80 per cent feeling they receive poor value for money considering the taxes they pay for road maintenance.


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