Popstars ludicrous demands for their dressing rooms


Golf buggies, football tables and children’s playground equipment are some of the bizarre dressing room demands for the rich and famous – including Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Popstars ludicrous demands for their dressing rooms

A staggering list of dressing room ‘riders’ – released by a top British radio station – revealed some of the requests by some of the biggest names in music.

Rapper Jay-Z was confirmed as the biggest diva with over 57 demands, including silver cutlery, pulp free orange juice and four golf buggies.

The US performer also requested nearly £400 of alcohol in his room, including vodka, tequila and a £180 bottle of red wine.

Popstars Katy Perry and Britney Spears give him a run for his money – demanding organic fruit, honey, baby wipes, TWO six foot sofas and silk drapes between them.

But down-to-earth Brit singer Jessie J was the least fussy – just asking for a KETTLE.

The eye-opening list was released by Capital FM, who decided to dish the dirt on their music stars that attended their prestigious balls.

The California Girl’s singer Perry likes her room draped in cream or pale pink silk and filled with organic fruit, pretzels, crisps, wine, a water dispenser, and a selection of tea.

The pampered star also needs honey and baby wipes and demands that her dressing room must be decorated with flowers – but strictly no carnations.

Toxic singer Britney prefers her room a little less sophisticated, with pop tarts, fruit loops cereal, with TWO 6ft sofas, cable TV, an odour free carpet and a phone line.

The incredible list, compiled by music radio station Capital FM, reveals the intimate and sometimes staggering demands stars have made before performing.

Popstars ludicrous demands for their dressing rooms

Hosting Britain’s best loved boy bands isn’t easy either with both The Wanted and JLS making very precise demands.

The Wanted,consisting of Max, George, Nathan, Tom, Siva and Jay request Boddingtons beer, Jack Daniels, Pringles, pork scratchings, an Xbox, a football table and a dartboard.

However 2008 X-factor runners up, JLS, seem to use the time to be a bit more actively, asking for a gym, consisting of 16 different machines and kiddies playground equipment such as swings and slides.

Booty shaking Beyonce, is not as fussy as husband Jay-Z, requesting that her room, which must be 78F, is filled with Pepsi, Honey Nut Cheerios and a two-man love seat.

Organisers are also instructed not to leave any sweets, chocolate or crisps any where near the Halo singers area.

Rapper P-diddy likes a rather obscure mix of objects including 204 towels, 20 bars of soap, a large amount of alcohol, a stereo, cheddar cheese and sour-cream crisps and a bouquet of white flowers.

Jennifer Lopez, who recently divorced Marc Anthony, prefers her dressing room to be a white haven, with white flowers, curtains, tablecloths, candles and sofas.

The ex-American Idol judge also likes her room to contain low-watt lightbulbs, coffee that has been stirred in a counter- clockwise direction and some Skittles.

Both Lady Gaga and Rihanna are a bit more food motivated when it comes to their requests.

Mother Monster has a specific menu which she likes to keep to, including mexican wednesdays and a roast dinner no later than 5pm on a sunday.

Rihanna will ”Te Amo” if you provide her with 24 buffalo wings and a HOT sauce on the side, a whole roasted chicken spiced with jerk seasoning and cut into parts, steamed white rice and good quality tortilla chips.

Not everyone exhausts venues with their long lists of demands though.

Hat-wearing Olly Murs, made famous by X-factor, said thats he’s happy if he is given some fruit, water and sweets with the occasional bowl of peanuts.

Popstars ludicrous demands for their dressing rooms

And Jessie J, who is currently nursing a broken ankle, says she requires only three things, a kettle, some Manuka honey and a few lemons.

Tinie Tempah also travels light requesting The Sun newspaper, some pot noodles, a pair of size 8 socks and a packet of sweets.

Labrinth, who teamed up with Tinie to create the number one hit single Frisky, had only one request for event organisers – scones.

He told Capital FM he doesn’t ask for jam and cream with his scones, he just eats them dry.


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