Poor fox cub cricket net slip up


This frightened fox cub scored a spectacular own goal when it got tangled in cricket netting and had to be rescued by the RSPCA.

The cub was spotted trying to escape the netting at a cricket pitch in Norwich by a member of the public who reported the incident to the RSPCA on Sunday.

Inspector John Jenkins managed the free the tiny fox before releasing it back into the wild and urged sports enthusiasts to be vigilant in storing away their equipment.

He said: ”We would ask that sportsmen and women take extra care with their sports equipment so that wildlife does not end up getting caught in it.

”This cricket net was still left in at ground level, but had it been lifted off the ground slightly the fox would not have got trapped.

”Fortunately this cub was not injured and I was able it release it back to the wild and it returned to its den.

”We would just ask people to take care so that we can prevent incidents like this happening in the future.”


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