A message which reads ‘ With deepest sympathies thinking of you Nipper the HMV dog. You bought music into all out lives’, left with flowers below the statue of ‘Nipper’ the HMV dog, Park Row, Bristol. The high street music store HMV has gone into administration. 15 Jan 2013 See SWNS story SWHMV; A solitary bouquet of flowers was laid at a statue of the iconic HMV dog Nipper. The stone carving sits on the side of a commercial building in central Bristol which was once home to the terrier in the late 19th Century. An anonymous card placed alongside the flowers contained a heartfelt message following the demise of the High Street music chain. It read: “With deepest sympathy. Thinking of you, Nipper, the HMV dog. You brought music into all our lives. Love always.”

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