Gilbert the herring gull is released back into the wild by Mervyn Gratton. See swns story SWGULL 5 Feb 2013. Police officers went beyond the gull of duty in a comical nightime operation – to rescue a seabird stranded in the middle of a pond. The slapstick squad rigged up a RAFT, launched an empty BATH TUB and finally found a leaky CANOE to pull the wild bird to safety.They spotted a trapped herring gull in distress on a nearby pond around 20 metres from the waters’ edge at Dunball, nr Bridgwater, Somerset . With the help of Secret World wildlife rescue sanctuary volunteer Mervyn Gratton they managed to free the gull that was snagged on a tree by a fishing line.The gull, which had a slightly damaged wing, was given some medication and spent the remainder of the night resting before being released back into the wild.

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