Police introduce first ever speed camera to the Scilly Isles


Police have introduced the first ever speed trap to  a tiny island off the coast of Britain – which has just six miles of road.

Officers in the Scilly Isles have taken delivery of a new radar speeding gun which will be used to target a few hundred drivers.

The gun will be used on the island of St Mary’s – population 1,600 – which has six miles of road all with a 60mph speed limit.

Police have brought in the gun from the mainland despite admitting the roads on the island are so bendy it is virtually impossible to reach 60mph.

Official figures show the fastest vehicle clocked so far since it was introduced on Wednesday was a moped travelling at – 34mph.

The island, 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall, was one of the last places in Britain where drivers could travel speed-trap free.

Sgt Charlie Craig, who is in charge of the island’s police, said the gun was put to use after islanders raised concerns over cars speeding through the capital Hugh Town.

He said: ”There is an element that thinks Scilly isn’t in the UK and the laws of the UK don’t apply to here.

”We have a very friendly, very relaxed way of dealing with things, but there are still things that are unacceptable and we will enforce them.”

The island has a total of six miles of road but has no traffic lights or pedestrian crossings. The Scilly’s four other inhabited islands have no formal roads.

Because St Mary’s roads meander so much Sgt Craig said it would be hard for anyone to ‘build up a head of steam” to reach the speed limit.

He said: ”It is very unlikely that the radar gun would be used to prosecute. It is an evidence gathering tool. Driving too fast in certain areas, such as around the school will be dealt with.

”If someone was driving at 40mph through Hugh Town we would clock it and say it might not be illegal but it is not a considerate way to drive.”

PCSO Shirley Graham said the speed gun will be used for monitoring drivers, collecting data and educating motorists.

She said: ”There is a perception of speeding on Scilly but we have got the national speed limit here and to go 60mph or over is impossible.

”We do get a lot of complaints – it is one of our priorities. We try to educate the drivers to the conditions of the roads – 25mph would be ideal.”


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