Police hunt vomiting rugby fan who beat up train passenger


Police are hunting two rugby thugs who beat up a train passenger after he complained about one of them vomiting on the carriage floor.
SWNS_TRAIN_VOMIT_01The pair are thought to have boarded the East Grinstead-bound train at Clapham Junction, south London.

One was wearing an Ireland kit and got on the train on February 27 at 11pm after England beat Ireland 21-10 at Twickenham.

Detective Sergeant Sarah Garden said: “The victim was attacked after taking issue with one of the men who was vomiting on the carriage floor.

“He was punched and pushed to the floor by the men who only ceased their assault when other passengers intervened.

“The victim sustained cuts and bruises to his face and went to hospital for assessment. Fortunately his injuries were not serious.”

The 58 year-old victim, who needed hospital treatment, got off the train at Riddlesdown while his attackers left at the next stop, Upper Warlingham in Surrey.

Det Sgt Garden added: “The chances of becoming a victim of violent crime are low on the rail network, and we work hard to ensure the railway remains a safe place.

“I think the men in the images we are issuing today will be able to help with our investigation. Please tell us who they are?”


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