Police hunt road rage businessman who tried to stab teenager with a screwdriver


Police are hunting a road rage businessman who chased a teenage motorcyclist across a city before trying to stab him – with a SCREWDRIVER.

Terrified James Peacock, 18, was pursued for 10 minutes during busy rush hour by a man driving a silver Mercedes.

The maniac, in his 50s, eventually pulled up next to him at a roundabout where he lunged at him twice with a 16in screwdriver.

Luckily James managed to dodge out the way before speeding away.

James had just set off from his home in Stoke, Coventry, last Wednesday at 8.30am on his Suzuki 125cc bike when he stopped at a set of traffic lights.

He said: ”I checked my mirrors and I could see the silver Mercedes coming behind me.

”He wasn’t behind me at the lights, he was way back in the queue, so he must have overtaken other cars to get there.

”Then he started shouting at me. He kept saying ‘Who do you think you are? Johnny Concrete? I’m going to knock you out!”’

The driver then chased James for 10 terrifying minutes through Coventry’s busy streets before traffic forced him to stop at a roundabout.

James, a student, said: ”I couldn’t go any further because the roundabout was really busy so I stopped and the Mercedes driver moved alongside me and wound his window down.

”He took his hands off the steering wheel, picked up a screwdriver and lunged at me twice.

”He was just a few inches from me.

”I moved out the way and drove off. When I looked behind I saw his door was open as if he was ready to chase me by foot.”

West Midlands Police confirmed they were investigating the incident.


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