Police hunt motorist who ran over and killed dog – before speeding off


Police are hunting a callous driver who ran over and killed a pet dog in front of its devastated 12-year-old owner who checked his car for damage before SPEEDING OFF.

Police hunt motorist who ran over dog

Devastated Josh King cradled cocker spaniel Ozzie in his arms after the car ploughed into him during an evening walk.

Shockingly, the driver, a man in his 50s, ignored Josh’s pleas for help and only got out to check for any damage to his car before he raced away.

Josh’s family have now set up a Facebook page entitled ‘Find The Man That Ran Down And Killed Our Ozzie’ — which already has over 250 followers.

Josh’s mum Mandy, 40, said: ”Josh said the sound the impact made was like a gun shot and it could be heard a few streets away.

”When he got to the gate Ozzie was staggering back towards him.

”He collapsed in his arms and started shaking, that’s when he looked up at the driver and shouted ‘help me please help me’ and waved him towards him.

”But the driver just looked at him, got back in the car and drove off. He said nothing to him, Josh was in floods of tears and Ozzie died in his arms.”

The crash happened on Sunday evening after Josh had taken his family’s cocker spaniels Ozzie and pregnant Sasha for a walk in Malvern, Worcs.

As Josh was walking home Ozzie ran out into the road and was mowed down by a dark green citroen.

Mother-of-four Mandy added: ”It is just heartbreaking. Josh is really struggling, he isn’t eating, doesn’t want to go out and play with his friends and can’t face going to school.

”Sasha is just pining for Ozzie. When he died in Josh’s arms she was pawing him. It makes me cry to just think about it.”

Police recovered the car’s bumper and light casing and have urged the driver to come forward.

Community Support Officer Steve Freeman who attended the scene said: ”This was obviously a very distressing and traumatic experience for the boy involved, and his family.

”We would appeal for the driver of the car, thought to be a man in his 50s, to contact police.

”We would also appeal for any witnesses to the incident to come forward.”


  1. Great bit of sensationalism there guys, Love it, especially the use of the emboldened and uppercase “SPEEDING OFF” at the end. However a few points, if you accidentally hit a dog on a public road, it is not an offense it is and accident. The police would NOT hunt this man. You have no evidence of him SPEEDING away. The dogs owners are to blame since their dog is not supposed to be running around out there, but kept on a leash near public roads. It’s disturbing that the guy didn’t comfort the kid, but he may have been having trouble dealing with the fact that he’d just hit a dog. Either way, the article is very poor engineered to simply wind people up and get some mentalists on facebook shaking their fists.

  2. What a selfish, obnoxious race we have turned out to be, when someone runs down a beloved pet and then gets in his care and leaves a child crying, what kind of person could do such a thing. His actions are beyond comprehension the man is a coward and a freak as he obviously has no compassion. People like that make my blood boil. All I can say is I hope Josh and his family get some justice as it is a dispicable thing to do. All the best Josh.

  3. I realise that this is an old post but I’ve just come across it and had to comment. This dog clearly was not under control. It ran into the road and could have caused a very nasty accident. People – including children – have a responsibility to keep their dogs under control. I realise that this boy is upset but he will have learned a very valuable lesson from this experience. And why didn’t the driver stop? Probably out of fear that some dog-loving police officer would throw the book at him for something that wasn’t his fault.


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