Police hunt for six women in mini-skirts who attacked man on late-night train


Police are hunting six mini-skirted women who brutally attacked a lone man on a late-night train.

The group turned on the 54 year-old when they all burst out of a toilet after he struggled to open the door.

They verbally abused him and one of them punched him in the back of the head and kicked him onto the platform when he tried to leave the train at Benfleet, Essex.

The man fell onto another woman who turned and hit him in the face fearing he was trying to steal her bag.

He was left with a hairline fracture to his nose, two black eyes and several bruises and scratches.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident on the 10.45pm c2c Southend Central to Benfleet train on Friday .

Sgt Emma Weir said: “A 54-year-old-man tried to use a toilet on the train, but could not open the door.

“He attempted to force it, at which point six women came out and started shouting at him.

“As the train stopped at Benfleet, one of the women punched the man in the back of the head and kicked him off the train.

“The man fell into a woman on the platform, who accused him of trying to steal her bag.

“He protested his innocence, but the woman refused to listen and attacked him, punching him in the face before leaving the station.”

The women on the train are described as being in their early twenties and were wearing mini-skirts.

The woman on the platform is described as having a heavy build and black hair in a bob. She wore a blue T-shirt and carried a grey satchel bag.


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