Northamptonshire police logo. See NTI story NTIGAME. A police force has been ridiculed for releasing an iPhone app – which bares an uncanny resemblance to the violent Grand Theft Auto computer game. Northamptonshire Police’s PR team proudly unveiled the game, called ‘First Response’ on Thursday (10/1). But they were soon left red-faced when gaming fans and bloggers began pointing out the similarities between the app and Grand Theft Auto (GTA) – one of the most violent computer games ever made. In the popular video game series, players can kill police officers and steal squad cars as well as embark on other graphically violent missions – such as killing prostitutes and drug dealers. The controversial games – which have sold millions of copies worldwide – have often sparked outrage due to their graphic content. And while Northamptonshire Police’s version doesn’t contain any such scenes of ultra-violence, the appearance of the game is startlingly similar.
(Credit: Newsteam).

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