Police force apologises after failing to tell mother-of-two she was living with a paedophile


Two police forces have apologised for failing to warn a mum that she and her two young sons were living with a predatory paedophile for two years.

Cheryle Hibbert, 42, shared a home with pervert Dan Brasier as he faced child sex offences and even had his baby before discovering his sick side.

Despite lessons supposedly learned from the Soham murders two separate forces failed to tell Cheryle the truth about her lover.

Under rules set up after the murders of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman the mum should have been informed about the claims against him.

But police supposedly monitoring his bail failed to stop him living with young children – or tell Cheryle he was under investigation.

Brasier even managed to keep his conviction secret from Cheryle for several months after  his case in 2011.

He admitted making indecent photos of children, performing a sex act in front of a child and attempting to procure a child for sex.

He escaped with a three-year supervision order and went back to Cheryle and her two sons, then aged ten and eight, in Helston, Cornwall as if nothing had happened.

She eventually dumped Brasier a few months later after receiving an anonymous text asking “R Ur kids safe?”.

Thames Valley Police, who had prosecuted Brasier, failed to pass on details of the case to Devon and Cornwall Police where Cheryle was living with Brasier.

Thames Valley officer Gordon Nash was found guilty of misconduct in January and the force has now written to Cheryle to apologise.

Detective Superintendent Nora Holford claimed their procedures were now “far more robust” when dealing with child pornography offenders and reviewing bail arrangements.

She added: “We are very aware of the huge consequences this has had for you and continues to have.”

A second force, Avon and Somerset Police, helped Thames Valley Police with Braiser’s arrest and was also supposed to monitor his bail conditions.

In a letter to Cheryle Inspector Mike Ashwin says: “I accept responsibility for my staff not applying bail conditions despite the lack of apparent dialogue with the officer in the case and for that I also sincerely apologise to you.”

Brasier first came to the attention of police in August 2007 when he was caught grooming a ’14-year-old girl’ – who was in fact a Metropolitan Police officer.

Scotland Yard alerted Thames Valley Police to Brasier’s home in Bracknell, Berks where computers containing child sex images were found.

While on bail Brasier moved to Cornwall where he met Cheryle as they walked their dogs.

Cheryle, a civil servant at the Royal Naval Air Station in Culdrose, said: “It was shocking that not just one police force but two failed in their duty.

“I think all police forces need to take heed and ensure they are protecting people from predatory sex offenders like Brasier.

“We have been to hell and back and I want my boys to see that people who are devious and manipulative won’t get away with it.”


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