Steak and chips (file pic). A pub diner claims a dispute about her overcooked steak became so heated that the landlady called in police – who arrived in a RIOT VAN. Nicola Kendal argued with the owner of the White Hart Pub after she asked her £19.99 steak and chips to come medium but it arrived well-done.See swns story SWSTEAK. After a row broke out over the bill, landlady Joanne Keane pressed a discreet “panic button” under the bar and police arrived to sort out the dispute. Joanne claimed the diner was being “aggressive and rude” and she needed backup to control the heated situation in the pub in Iron Acton, South Gloucestershire. Nicola, a receptionist from nearby Frampton Cotterell, said: “I had ordered a medium steak and when it came out I thought it was very well-done, overcooked and tough. “A few minutes later I said to the waiter that I wasn’t happy with the meal and the landlady came over and was rude and aggressive.” She was offered a fresh steak in exchange but says she refused it because she did not want to be eating after her friends had finished.

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