Police called after ‘thugs open fire with BB guns’ on playground full of schoolchildren


Police are investigating claims a playground full of schoolchildren were shot at by BB gun-wielding thugs.

Two gangs of teenagers are understood to have surrounded a playground on two sides and shot at kids before fleeing.

Teachers ushered the terrified children back into their classroom while police scrambled a helicopter to the scene following Wednesday’s attack.

One parent has spoken of her shock at the co-ordinated attack, which took place at Shirehampton Primary School in Bristol.

The woman said her son saw two groups of teenagers wearing hooded tops approach the school playground from different sides and open fire with BB guns.

Two children were struck by the flurry of small round pellets, with the gangs then running off.

The mother, who did not want to be named, said: “My son was in hysterics and felt too scared to go to school on Thursday.

“He said he saw a couple of children getting hit. They were scared and there was a lot of crying.”

Parents received a text message on Wednesday afternoon to inform them there had been an incident at the school in St Mary’s Walk.

The eight-year-old pupil’s mother added: “I’m worried the people responsible are still out there and could come back.

“I told my son to keep away from the school gate yesterday. I told the head teacher that it was a firearms offence.”

The mother said she had spoken to two other parents who said their children had been hurt.

She said: “Myself and couple of other parents drove around the block at lunchtime yesterday.

“The two sides of the school are not connected, so it looks like it was an organised attack.

“All the children are saying it was a group of five or so, all with hoodies up, all shooting BB guns from all directions.”

Police sent several officers to the school after receiving reports that a child had been shot in the face from Portbury Grove.

But a police spokesperseon said no marks were found on the child’s face and no pellets were found on the ground.

Officers were sent to provide reassurance to staff and pupils, and a police helicopter was scrambled to circle overhead.

Bristol City Council spokesperson Angie Burton said there were reports that two children had been struck.

She said what had happened during the incident was explained to parents and pupils.

Ms Burton said: “The parents have responded really well and everyone was back in school yesterday and everyone seems OK. Some are shocked that something like that had happened.

“It’s a matter for the police – they are looking into the incident. There were reports of other shootings in Shirehampton elsewhere on Wednesday.

“The school acted very quickly and brought the children in. Some were upset and they were spoken to. The parents were sent a text about it.

“The two children who were hit are absolutely fine and didn’t go to hospital.

“We’re not sure about there being two groups of teenagers – someone fired a BB gun through the railings.”

Sergeant Shaun Finn, of Avon & Somerset police, said: “We received a report that a child had been injured. Investigations are ongoing to establish what happened and patrols have been increased in the area.”

He called on anyone with information to call the police on 101.


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