The cat which police and RSPCA officials found living in a hoarders house after the owner died. See MASONS story MNHOARD: PCSO Dan Brown from Clacton’s Neighbourhood Policing Team was called to an address in the town where two inspectors from the RSPCA were looking to access the property. The house had belonged to a man who had recently passed away and had no family. Because of this, the keys were currently in the possession of the police. Neighbours reported that the dead man had four pet cats, and were concerned that they were still in the property. The PCSO was met by RSPCA Inspectors Sarah Elmy and Caroline Richardson. In entering the property, it became clear as to why the cats were originally undetected. Sadly, the dead man had an extreme hoarding habit, with newspapers and boxes of canned goods reaching up to the ceiling, including boxes of unopened cat food. This made the home difficult and dangerous to move around in. With no clear sight of the cats in the home, the officers then moved into the garden, where they found evidence that the cats had been living outside.

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