Playground classic British Bulldog recreated in new tabletop boardgame

Classic game British Bulldog has been made into a board game for the first time

Nostalgic parents can bring some schoolyard magic into their homes this Christmas – thanks to a new board game that captures the thrills and spills of a playground classic.

British Bulldog, by Surrey-based family games company Little Wigwam, recreates the chase-and-capture thrills of the children’s game on the tabletop.

The naughty playground game, which has often fallen foul of the Health and Safety brigade, sees teams taking shelter behind ‘teachers’ in a bid to make it across the yard without being caught by ‘bulldogs.’

Classic game British Bulldog has been made into a board game for the first time

Younger children can use the game to hone their counting skills and special awareness, while older kids and competitive parents can use strategic thinking to stage ambitious captures and forays.

The game is incredibly simple to set up, and best of all – no batteries are needed, meaning kids can get stuck into an old fashioned playground battle within minutes after opening on Christmas morning.

The simple game is suitable for almost everyone from children to pensioners

Mark Slade, founder of Little Wigwam, said: “We’ve spent over a year developing and testing the game to turn the rough and tumble fun of playground favourite British Bulldog into a board game that captures kids’ imaginations and helps them develop key skills at the same time.

“And most importantly, our young testers love the thrill of the chase when they play it.”

The £14.95 game is out now, available in all good toy shops and online from


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