Pink Bentley triggers George Michael and Jeremy Clarkson spat


This is the ”revolting” Bentley which has sparked a war of words between George Michael and Jeremy Clarkson.

Bentley causes controversy between George Michael and Jeremy Clarkson

Michael called the Top Gear host a ”pig-ugly homophobic t**t” following disparaging comments by Clarkson on Sunday’s show.

The incident started when the gay pop star spotted the pink Bentley Continental Flying Spur in an underground car park and tweeted his disgust at the colour.

He uploaded a video in which he described the car as ”a revolting thing driven by a man that’s not me”.

Michael then tweeted: ”I swear this is real. And I sound like Jeremy Clarkson with someone’s finger up his a***…… )) its a camp classic all round.”

Clarkson then made a derogatory comment on Sunday’s Top Gear about Michael and his promiscuous sexual past.

A spokesperson for Clarkson has denied his comments were anything to do with Michael’s tweet, saying he hadn’t read them.

But the jibe has infuriated the former Wham man, who took to the social network to blast Clarkson.

He tweeted: ”Good grief Mr Clarkson, I wasn’t implying your towering heterosexuality was in question. I had no desire to insult you!

”But I do now, you pig-ugly homophobic t**t!!!!!”.

The pink Bentley is owned by a wealthy Middle Eastern man who is in London for the summer.


  1. These cars are lovely , and the wealthy owners change the colours each year to suit trends or their whims .
    They are not permanent, they are vinyl adhesive (car body wraps) , they are normally a ‘safe’ colour like silver underneath , to keep residuals high , and , once removed , the original paint is chip/scratch-free !!
    So don’t worry, that pink Bentley is probably a lovely Royal Blue … 


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