Piemaker bakes world’s biggest Cornish pasty


A piemaker was on the crust of a wave yesterday after creating the world’s biggest ever – CORNISH PASTY.

The mammoth pasty weighs a whopping 1900lbs (850kg) – nearly a TON – and contains 364lbs of beef skirt.

It measures around 15ft long and is also packed with 180lb of swede, 100lb of potato and 75lb onion.

The pastry – made in the classic semi-circular shape with a crust – was made using 1,000lbs of flour and 500lbs of butter.

The monster pie would provide around 3,5000 normal size pasties and was weighed on a special weighbridge used for lorries.

It would cost around £7,000 to buy and was baked in a specially-built oven – for 11 hours.

The pie was cooked in a competition to see who could build the biggest pasty in 24 hours at the annual regatta in Fowey, Cornwall.

The winner was created by a team of six from Proper Cornish, of Bodmin, who beat local rivals Lostwithiel Bakery.

Proper Cornish director Mark Muncey said: ”It was a lot of hard work – we are tired but ecstatic.”

The feat is now being verified by the Guinness Book of World Records to have it recognised as the biggest pasty ever made.


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