Photographers capture stunning images of the Northern Lights


This is the stunning moment the Northern Lights became illuminated by a fireball.

The shots were captured by amateur photographers Ewan Miles and Byron Griffiths in the west Highlands.

Ewan’s snaps was taken from Salen Bay, east of Ardnamurchan Point, when the shooting light suddenly flew through the atmosphere.

He said: “The solar winds were blowing on and off all throughout the night and visible through the breaks in the cloud.

“A huge fireball was a real highlight, which lit up the surrounding landscape for a couple of seconds as it burnt through our atmosphere.

“It was the biggest one I have ever seen and there were plenty of other meteors showing, which could be part of the annual Orionid (corr) shower.”

Byron Griffiths took his spectacular pictures while out waiting for the Aurora Borealis to show above the Isle of Lewis.

He said: “The photo was taken at around about half past eight on Monday night.

“I was out to try and photograph the Aurora Borealis and by nothing more than luck the fireball appeared and fell through the field of view of the camera.”


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