Photographer Captures Hilarious Moment Cheeky Jackdaw Lands On Deer’s Head – And She Doesn’t Look Happy

The Jackdaw bird annoys the deer in Richmond Park, London.

This grumpy deer doesn’t look impressed – after a jackdaw landed on its head as she tried to graze on grass.

The fallow doe was minding her own business when the bird swooped down and perched on top of her.

She grimaced as the jackdaw teetered on her brow, just in time for passing photographer Matt Cooper to capture the amusing moment.

Matt, 47, said: “The photo looks so comedic and the doe’s face is like a cartoon – she doesn’t look very happy.

“It all happened under a second and it was so lucky that I was so happy to get it on camera and to get it in focus was a miracle.

“I saw the bird looking to jump on her head and I just let the camera roll on and just kept shooting.

“I’ve not seen a shot like it – it’s unique. There were other photographers in the park but none of them seemed to realise what was happening.”

Award-winning snapper Matt was walking through Richmond Park in London last month when he spotted the unlikely moment.

Pictured in the forest, the duo are shown popping out of fauna surrounded by autumnal hues of brown and red.

Photographer Matt Cooper.

Three of Matt’s photos have been shortlisted and highly commended at Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017 awards.

Formerly a body double for the stars, he turned his talents to photography out of frustration over the parts he landed.

Matt said: “I was going to the French Pyrenees for a short while to take a break from London life, and decided it would be a great idea to buy a DSLR camera.

“It wasn’t long before I was hooked!

“I started slow by selling a few prints at my local market and it’s just grown from there.”


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