Peter Andre is pensioner’s dying wish


The final wish of a 93-year-old grandmother who passed away on Saturday was to be buried with a picture of her idol – PETER ANDRE.

Superfan Peggy Featham fell for the star after he hit the headlines when he married glamour model Katie Price in 2005.

She claimed the lyrics to ‘Mysterious Girl’ helped her face the ordeal of a life-saving leg amputation in March.

Andre was so touched by his dedicated fan’s bravery that he sent the spirited pensioner an autographed CD to keep her spirits up while in hospital.

Sadly Peggy passed away at Southdown Nursing Home in Swindon, Wilts., on Saturday.

But she left a list of instructions of what she wanted to be done with her effects – including a request that she be buried with a picture of the heartthrob singer.


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