Sara Davis’ spaniel-cross Bobby which needs walking – SEVEN hours a day. See SWNS story SWWALK; A woman gave up her high-flying office job to become a professional dog walker because her own pup is so energetic he needs walkies for seven hours – EVERY DAY. Bobby, a spaniel-cross, has so much natural energy that owner Sara Davis takes him with her on TEN 45-minute walks every day – and he’s still happy to play fetch when they get home. Sara, 27, adopted the happy black and white pup from an animal shelter seven years ago, when he was just six months old. She said: “When I got Bobby, I had a good office job and was on the track to get promotions. “But I’d have to take Bobby out for a walk for hours in the morning, come back at lunchtime, and spend my entire evenings walking him as well.

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