Pervert killer Jamie Reynolds fed sick strangulation fantasy with videos on YOUTUBE

Jamie Reynolds has been jailed for life for murder
Jamie Reynolds has been jailed for life for murder
Jamie Reynolds has been jailed for life for murder
Jamie Reynolds has been jailed for life for murder

Pervert killer Jamie Reynolds fed his sick strangulation fantasies through videos he found on YOUTUBE, it can be revealed today.

The twisted murderer, 24, who was jailed for life on Thursday after he admitted strangling pretty Georgia Williams, 17, began to hunt out disturbing clips showing women being throttled by their partners up to SIX years ago.

But while Reynolds’ sick obsession with snuff porn was detailed in court it has emerged he was readily able to access strangling clips via Youtube – more famous for hosting music videos and amusing clips.

His profile on the popular video site – owned by search giant Google – shows he followed a string of users who specialise in uploading choking death scenes.

He even commented on one video – showing a female video game character being chased by possessed monks – and said he found it FUNNY when her pursuers strangled her.

Reynolds, who would have been just 17 at the time, wrote: “i like the bit when she gets choked by the monks, its funny (sic)”

Despite its family-friendly exterior Youtube – bought by Google for £1.65 billion in 2006 – has an army of users who openly share taboo material.

Records show Reynolds himself had easy access to dozens of videos depicting grisly ligature murders.

There is no suggestion the clips – generally taken from obscure horror movies and TV shows – are real, but enthusiastic communities of users appear to derive sexual pleasure from viewing them.

One video which appears on a channel Reynolds subscribed to features a graphic murder where one young woman chokes another with a garotte.

Worrying user comments including one viewer saying approvingly that the clip is “very realistic” while another says it is “very hot”.

Another adds: “This one is hot very hot so hot she has to come over to my house and strangle me. She would be good very good to hold that grip on me.”

One Youtube account followed by Reynolds includes videos titled ‘girl strangled by BF (boyfriend)’ ‘2 Ladies strangled on bed’ and ‘strangle by husband’.

The revelations come a month after California-based Google vowed to block 100,000 terms relating to abuse from appearing in its searches.

Georgia Williams with her family before she was killed
Georgia Williams with her family before she was killed

But yesterday several accounts followed by Reynolds featuring staged murder footage remained online – and the company faced criticism for allowing such content to appear on its own servers.

Further Internet searches revealed Reynolds’ disturbing online footprint – and how he graduated from Youtube B-movie murder clips to shocking hardcore death and rape porn.

He had registered profiles on sick ‘no-holds-barred’ adult networks including one site used by paedo rock star Ian Watkins – where Reynolds declared his favourite porn genre was ‘choking’.

User logs showed Reynolds’ last log-in to the sickening site was on May 24 this year – two days before he murdered Georgia Williams.

His page linked to several videos he had bookmarked – including realistic footage of simulated sexual murders.

In one video – tagged as a ‘snuff’ movie – a man chokes a woman using a piece of rope before proceeding to have sex with her naked body.

And in another clip with chilling echoes of the real-life murder Reynolds would go on to commit a man strips and throttles a teenage girl with a scarf in a prolonged choking sequence.

The teaching assistant’s son had also joined at least one site dedicated to extreme fetishes and signed up to a forum where users share rape videos.


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