Personalised Sashes are the UK’s Favourite Hen Party Accessory!


Personalised sashes are THE must-have item for hen parties today – that’s according to, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hen party accessories.

The company has released a list of its best-selling products for the past 12 months, and custom-made party sashes are right at the top. Here’s the list in full:

  1. Personalised sashes
    2. Personalised t-shirts
    3. Novelty drinking straws
    4. Generic sashes
    5. Bridal veils

With personalised items occupying the top two slots, it’s clear that Britain’s brides (and their BFFs) are increasingly keen to put their own personal twist on the big night. Many of HenStuff’s customers simply order sashes with their names printed on them, while others come up with fun nicknames for each other and use these when creating their custom sashes. Some companies – HenStuff included – even allow their customers to include emoji-style symbols such as stars, hearts, and martini glasses in their sash designs!

Pre-made sashes (featuring generic messages such as ‘Bride-to-Be’ or ‘Hen Party’) ranked fourth on the list, solidifying the sash’s dominance of the hen party accessories market.

Both types of sash (personalised and pre-made) can be purchased online at


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