Hanifa McQueen-Hudson, from Wolverhampton, who creates creates paintings by breakdancing with paint on a canvas. See NTI story NTIDANCE. They might look like childish scribbles but these wacky pieces of art have sold for GBP5,000 after they were painted using BREAKDANCING moves. Britain’s first female breakdancer Hanifa McQueen-Hudson, 43, shot to fame in the 1980s when she became part of dance troupe ‘The B Boys’. Hanifa – who was known as B-girl Bubbles – starred in Britain’s first breakdancing music video ‘Electro Rock’. Her troupe were sponsored by firms including Adidas and Puma and took the performing world by storm until the hip dance style died out in the early 1990s. But mum-of-two Hanifa stumbled across her unusual painting talent by accident when she scuffed a friend’s floor with the black soles of her trainers in 2006. And inspired by her young son coming home from nursery with hand and foot prints, the former breakdancer decided to see if the moves worked on canvas. She has now completed over a dozen paintings and has sold her first three to anonymous bidders for up to GBP5,000.

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