Perfect parenting: The best cars to keep your family safe

The Volvo V40 has traditionally been one of the safest family cars of recent years
The Volvo V40 has traditionally been one of the safest family cars of recent years

Once people have had a family the biggest concern becomes safety and the things that can be done and used to ensure the most treasured possessions are protected.

On average, the modern family has two cars per household and children are transported in a car on a daily basis.

When driving a vehicle there is always a risk of an accident, collision or something, which could damage the car or harm the passengers. It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure the cars used to transport children in is safe and reliable and can protect them as much as possible should the worst happen.

The Volvo V40 has traditionally been one of the safest family cars of recent years
The Volvo V40 has traditionally been one of the safest family cars of recent years

Top Tips for Choosing a Safe Vehicle

  • A 5 door car is much easier when children will be passengers, it is more spacious and easier for the children to get in and out of safely
  • Cars need to have the ability to switch of the passenger airbag if a baby or small child will be in a car seat in the front of the vehicle
  • The crash safety is the most important area to research. Euro NCAP scores determine the level of safety on each make and model of vehicle
  • A newer car tends to have less faults and manufacturers are recently far more concerned about safety than they were say 10 years ago
  • Consider the number of passengers that will typically be transported, the age of the children and the space that will be needed and the types of areas that the car will be driven in
  • LATCH stands for the lower anchors and tethers for children which is essential in any vehicle to ensure child seats are fitted and secures properly

There are certain makes and models of car that are best known for the high safety features, security and comfort that is provided particularly for families and those that regularly travel with children.

3 of the Safest Cars

  1. Volvo V40

This vehicle is one of, if not the, safest vehicle made. Passenger and pedestrian safety has been the main consideration when this car was produced as it boasts such technology as…

  • Pedestrian safety
  • ‘City safety’ to keep speeds low in certain areas
  • Parking assist
  • Traffic alert
  • Lane keeping technology

it has one of the highest airbag safety ratings and the safety technology on this vehicle is unlike any other.

  1. BMW 5 Series

The BMW is one of the sturdiest cars around as it holds the road well and is a popular choice for family cars and pleasure vehicles alike. The safety elements in the BMW have improved dramatically…

  • Traction and stability control
  • Air bags
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • Night vision
  • Child safety locks

This model received a high score when it was put through the crash test and the many safety elements combined make it a popular family car.

  1. Ford Kuga

This is one of the safest cars ever made as it received a 5* in the NCAP crash test. Ford have undertaken extensive research into the safety systems that will provide as much protection as possible to ensure that families are secure and will invest in this car.

  • State of the art safety systems
  • Airbags located throughout vehicle
  • Electronic stability
  • Child safety locks

You cannot put a price on the safety and protection of a family and thorough research into the ideal car that meets all the needs of a family and ensures protection whilst travelling is well worth it. There are many more cars on the market that have a similar devotion to the safety features. America in particular are consumed with the safety elements which are found within vehicles and car dealerships in nj are inclined to offer the best car buying advice to families to ensure road safety.


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