One online shop has uncovered its most fashionable and practical Mother’s Day gift – a wine HANDBAG. The stylish purse sold by Firebox hold one-and-a-half litres of either red, white or rose wine and come with an easy-access nozzle. Mums can enjoy the convenience of keeping their tipple close to them on a night out and have easy-access to their next drink. The fashion statement which costs £29.99 would be perfect for a mum who loves to drink and be practical at the same time. Other delightful gifts from the quirky online store include an iPhone-operated kettle, prosecco gummy bears and a cheese maker’s kit and can be purchased ahead of this week’s Mothering Sunday. A Firebox spokesperson said: “Whether your mum is gossiping with the girls or stumbling home from a raucous night out, she’ll always be sipping in style thanks to the Wine Handbag. “This boozy bag contains wine from the finest French wineries to match it’s distinctive designer style, so she’ll look as though she has come straight off of the catwalk this Mother’s Day. “Everyone knows that the finest wine comes in a bag.’

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