Pensioner beats up charity shop thief


A plucky pensioner left a thief ‘All Shook Up’ when he kicked him in the GROIN after he caught him – stealing ELVIS CDs.

Sprightly Nick Green, 73, spotted the man sneaking out of a charity shop with a 200 CD Elvis box-set under his arm.

Brave great-grandfather Nick, who served with the RAF, hauled the crook back by his t-shirt and pinned him against the wall.

The pair brawled for five minutes before Nick booted the man in the groin – sending him fleeing empty-handed and in tears from the shop in Rugby, Warks.

Dad-of-two Nick, from Lighthorne, Warks., said: ”I haven’t had a fight since I left school when I was 16 and a half.

”I’m not a violent man but this was different.

”My main aim was to protect the shop’s stock. We don’t get many items worth £200 in.

”I grabbed the man by his t-shirt and he hit the toilet door and dropped all the CDs.

”We had a good punch up for a few minutes and finally I got him cornered against the back door.

”He came for me again and out of sheer frustration I kicked him in the balls.

”He went down screaming in pain and I did the same again.

”I was hurting but at least I’d won the fight. He ran away out of the back door without the CDs.”

Nick, who has three grandchildren and three great grandchildren, started work at the Help The Aged shop part time when he retired from running his own business 16 years ago.

He was alone in the store last Wednesday (4/8) when the eastern European man asked about the CDs – on sale for £200 – but said they were too expensive.

The same man returned later that afternoon and tried to sneak out of the shop’s back door with the box-set under his arm.

Nick suffered bruises to his arm and ribs as he grappled with the thief. His ears also started to bleed in the struggle.

Once the man had fled he called the shop manager who alerted the police.

Six-feet two tall Nick, who has a wife Margaret, 73, added: ”I went to the public school Marlborough College and the headmaster always said that if you’re going to fight don’t do it public – and if you do fight jolly well make sure you win.

”It was in the Air Force when I did my national service that I learned how to look after myself.

”I’ve stopped a fair few shoplifters in my time. The company always tells us not to be heroes but having run my own business I have always taken a different view.”

Wife Margaret added: ”If I get hold of the man who did it he’ll have to deal with me.

”Nick’s been fantastic. He’s a real hero. Hopefully now the police will catch who’s responsible.”

Cops were today hunting the thief who is in his 30s, of eastern European appearance and around 5ft 8ins tall. He had short hair and was wearing a green T-shirt with dirty blue jeans.


  1. Dad of two !Hey! Mr Green forgets the only daughter and two beautiful grand children that he decided to scrww over! what a find upstanding member of the community! Found you!


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