Pay it Forward Day


Sponsored – This is the sixth year the UK is officially celebrating Pay it Forward Day on the 28th April 2016 when people will be invited to join a worldwide movement in performing random acts of kindness to 3 or more people and asking those people to do the same.

Last year, people in 75 countries took part in Pay it Forward Day and this year, we are hoping to inspire over 10 million acts of kindness.

The idea of Pay it Forward Day comes from the novel, and subsequent film, Pay it Forward which tells the story of a young boy who does 3 good deeds for others in need.

All the child asks in return is that they pass on the good deed to three other people and keep the cycle going.

Vickie Lea, the International Ambassador for Pay it Forward Day in the UK said – “We are delighted that so many organisations and individuals are supporting the initiative across the UK – we have been overwhelmed by the stories of kindness and goodwill, some initiatives are ongoing all throughout the year. Everything from coffee shops and restaurants giving food to the Homeless – to community groups performing random acts of kindness to people in their neighbourhood.”

Blake Beattie the founder of Pay it Forward Day is celebrating 10 years this year since the event started and now engages with over 75 countries around the world who participate in Pay it Forward Day.


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