Paul Konchesky’s mum labels Liverpool fans “scouse scum” on Facebook


The mother of Liverpool footballer Paul Konchesky has sparked fury by calling fans of the Merseyside club “scouse scum” in an expletive ridden Facebook rant.

Writing on the popular social networking website, Carol Konchesky also labelled England’s most successful football club “s**t”.

The comments were made at 3.54am on November 14 following Liverpool’s defeat to Stoke but went viral today through micro-blogging website Twitter.

For much of the morning the word “Konchesky” was one of the top trending phrases on Twitter.

Mrs Konchesky’s controversial wall post will undoubtedly stir things up for her 29-year-old son, who has struggled in a Liverpool team making their worst ever start to a Premiership campaign.

The defender joined Liverpool from Fulham at the start of the season, following Roy Hodgson from Craven Cottage to Anfield. He is expected to face his former club this weekend.

Carol Konchesky has since deleted her Facebook profile, but her wall post has infuriated Liverpool fans and Liverpudlians who took to Twitter and football forums to show their displeasure.

One fan wrote on the This is Anfield forum: “It’s one thing supporting your son but it’s quite another to attack the supporters of the team he is playing for. How thick is she really?

“However, I do hope we don’t blame Paul this – it’s not his fault his mother’s a complete idiot. I’d rather him warm the bench in peace.”

A Liverpool spokesman said: “The comments have since been removed. Although they were inappropriate, this is a private matter”

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    • Its one thing to talk like that when your son is the star player of the team, but to draw more attention to him when most fans did not want him in the first place and he is showing us why each week is beyond belief. I have nothing personal against Paul, just that we could have and can still do better. He did well at Fulham as that was his level. Unfortunately his mom’s lack of class, common sense and general lack of judgement posting drunken rants will just alienate the fans against him further. Way to go to messing your son’s last shot at playing for a big club

  1. It’s true mum’s can embarrass you in front of your mates,but she is quite right he should’nt have left Fulham we know that now why did’nt you ground him till window had closed

    • I’m a Liverpool Fan! from Malaysia! I don’t see anything with what Carol Konchesky says on facebook! is ok! soccer is a team game never a single player! we are not playing well now is ok! but we are playing a much beautifully! pass and run soccer! it will take some time to change! we are not playing CM or FM! things don’t change in few month! the foundation is most impotent! Bill’s get the ground work started before any silverware! MASSAGE for the “FANS” who want it fast! Join Man City or Chelsea! move on… Liverpool is not the club you need!!! Bye Bye!! Please go and google what is YNWA means to Liverpool Fans!

  2. You can tell how thick she is by her poorly written English …I guess her only talent since leaving school was opening her legs…its a pity her son didn’t inherit her talent or else he would use them on the pitch , I feel sorry for Paul having a mother who actually looks like a C**t herself.

  3. silly woman, you have made a bad situation worse for your son, and you should not comment about people you do not know, scousers are the salt of the earth. but between your son and the manager our patience is wearing thin,

  4. The thing is we actually have history you stupid cow, and way better players than Paul made it.. So you can just bugger off, your son is unfortunate enough to have you as a mother, you don’t have to make him even more unfortunate by causing him trouble!!

  5. and to think that the best part of Paul Konchesky was cut from this woman and incinerated! if cockneys had brains their mouths would be so much smaller and they wouldnt speak like they had a mouthful of other cockneys!
    Perhaps Paul should consider cancelling his Mothers account at the local off license and asking the staff at the care home to supervise her internet sessions more closely from now on!


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