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Paul Ince: football’s first training ground ‘gunman’


Chelsea star Ashley Cole isn’t the first professional footballer to be caught with an air gun at their training ground – that award goes to former Man United ace Paul Ince.

Paul Ince - football's first training ground 'gunman'

Retired England international Paul Ince showed up at Man United’s training ground with an air rifle in his early days at the club – pointing it at manager Alex Ferguson.

Ince, who called himself The Guv’nor, signed for Man United from West Ham United in 1989 as hot-blooded 21-year-old with a reputation as tough guy.

Then, one day, Ince is rumoured to have turned up at training with the air rifle and pointed it at Ferguson in a tongue-in-cheek prank.

Speaking in January, former United captain Steve Bruce said: “Incey was nuts when he was younger.

“Fergie must have shouted at him or something like that to provoke it.

“It was tongue-in-cheek but he knocked on the door, poked the gun through and said, ‘You’d better stop picking on me and you’d better play me on Saturday!’

“I don’t think Fergie had ever been confronted by anyone carrying a rifle before.”

Ince, who was England’s first black captain, stayed with United until 1995 when he headed to Italy to play for Inter Milan.

After a short spell on the continent he returned to England – signing for United’s bitter rivals Liverpool. He is now forging himself a reputation as one of the game’s best young managers, currently plying his trade at Notts County.



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