Patsy Palmer brother jailed for knifepoint robbery


The big brother of Eastender’s star Patsy Palmer has been jailed for five years after raiding a jewellery shop at knifepoint.

Albert Harris, 42, was filmed on CCTV holding up a jeweller’s in Clifton, Bristol, last September.

The drug addict threatened two female shop assistants with a knife before bellowing ”Times are hard – fill the bag,” and making off with £23,000 of goods.

His younger sister, who plays Bianca Butcher on the BBC soap, has battled for years and spent thousands on rehab to help him kick his heroin habit.

Harris, who has been jailed more than ten times for burglary, pleaded guilty to robbery and carrying an offensive weapon at Bristol Crown Court.

He was sentenced to five years imprisonment on Monday.

Detective Constable Stuart Seddon said: ”This was a very serious crime in which people were threatened in their workplace.”

The bungling burglary was filmed by the shop’s CCTV during the raid last September.

Harris, who was living in a hostel in the Bedminster part of the city, managed to get away with £23,000 of gems and jewels but was arrested days later.

Palmer, whose real name is Julie Harris, has reportedly spent thousands trying to break her brother’s heroin addiction and keep him out of trouble.

She has visited him regularly during his prison terms and even moved him into her £2 million Brighton home during one of his relapses.

The pair shared a difficult upbringing together in Bethnal Green, the real East End of London.

Harris has admitted he owes his life to Palmer, 37, saying: ”Without her help I could be dead now.

”She paid for rehab twice when I was at my worst and never gave up on me.

”Even when I relapsed many times she was always there for me. I hate feeling I’ve let her down.

”Whenever she gave me a disapproving look I’d know it was time to sort myself out and get clean.

”Sometimes she yelled at me like she does at her husband Ricky on Eastenders – but only because she wanted to help me.

”She has never judged me or got really angry with me. She’s just like my mum.”


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