Patient attacked two paramedics then sped off in their AMBULANCE

Damage to the ambulance's wing mirror
Damage to the ambulance's wing mirror

A man suspected of taking a drugs overdose was arrested after he violently attacked two paramedics – before speeding off in their AMBULANCE.

The ambulance crew treating the 37-year-old patient were forced to call police after he became so violent they were unable to control him.

The man assaulted the two male paramedics just before 3pm on Thursday on the High Street in Bloxwich, West Mids., after being taken from his flat to the ambulance.


Damage to the ambulance's wing mirror
Damage to the ambulance’s wing mirror



Damage to the side of the vehicle
Damage to the side of the vehicle


Ariel map showing the route the derange ambulance thief took across the city
Ariel map showing the route the derange patient took across the city

But before the police could arrive the man forced the paramedics out of their ambulance, jumped behind the wheel and sped off with the vehicle’s back doors still open.

He then erratically drove the ambulance down the road for nearly two miles, making at least two U-turns, before crashing into a police car near Green Lane Baptist Church.

After being forced to stop by the collision the patient was then arrested.

West Midlands Police confirmed the man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of assault and vehicle theft. He was then held at a police station.

Inspector Tony Banton, from Bloxwich Police Station, said: “The ambulance was driven off with its rear doors still open.

“It was reported being driven very erratically and we’re looking into whether it may have struck other vehicles.

“A response vehicle quickly picked up the ambulance and the man was arrested within five minutes of the emergency call coming in to us.

“There was a low-level collision between the ambulance and the arresting officer’s car.That officer has been taken to hospital suffering whiplash-like injuries.

“Two male members of ambulance staff were also taken to hospital as a precaution but are not seriously injured.”

A spokesperson from the West Midlands Ambulance Service, said: “Two ambulance crew members were attacked by a man they’d been called to help and who they believed needed hospital treatment − for them to be attacked is disgraceful.

“Thankfully they’ve not been seriously hurt but no doubt this was a shocking, unexpected incident, plus one of our vehicles has been badly damaged and will have to be taken off the road for some time to be repaired.

“We won’t tolerate any abuse against our staff. Anyone attacking ambulance crew can expect the full weight of the law to come down on them. We will do all we can to help the police with their enquiry.”


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