GV of Les Beaucamps High School Castel, Guernsey. See SWNS story SWCONVERT; Angry parents have complained after a school asked pupils to write a letter explaining they had converted to Islam. The school defended its decision after homework was set for 12 and 13-year-olds instructing them to tell their parents how much Islam had changed their life for the better. The pupils at Les Beauchamps in Guernsey were also asked to explain how they were feeling after the conversion and how they hoped their parents could accept their choice. Their teacher Amber Stables asked them to focus on how their family would react. The Religious Education homework attracted fury on social media, after a parent complained about the post on Facebook. Other parents soon joined the online criticism, questioning the appropriateness of the task and even whether RE was a valid subject. One furious parent wrote: “Teach pupils about religion by all means but be very careful when you ask then to be a Muslim,in this day and age when easily led youngsters are being radicalised it is a dangerous road to be taking.

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