Palamedes PR appointed to promote Biohistory


Palamedes PR has been appointed to spearhead a UK publicity campaign for ‘Biohistory’, a revolutionary new theory that investigates the physiological underpinnings of social change, including the rise and collapse of civilisations.

The book is informed by extensive and significant research into the physiological basis of behavior conducted by author Jim Penman and a team headed by Tony Paolini, Professor of Psychology at RMIT University in Melbourne. Penman, who holds a PhD in history, shows how biological and cultural forces have impacted on society through the ages, shaping all civilisations from the Roman Empire to the modern West.

Penman, the owner and full-time CEO of Jim’s Group – Australia’s largest franchise network with a turnover of $350 million – has been developing his unique, and evidence-based, theory into the root causes of historical and social changes for many years.

Biohistory will be released in two editions – one aimed at the mass-market and the other for the academic sector – through leading British scientific publisher Cambridge Scholars in early 2015.

Penman says he has appointed Palamedes PR, the UK market leader in book PR, on account of its expertise in non-fiction PR.

He said: “Biohistory is a radical new way of looking at civilisation, connecting human biology and personality with the rise and fall of empires.

“It is also underpinned by extensive research and analysis that, for the first time, offers a testable hypothesis into how societies develop.

“The findings reveal the invisible forces at play in history and offer some shocking conclusions regards the future of the West, which is set to collapse unless we take action soon.

“We have appointed Palamedes PR to support our publishing and marketing objectives, and are delighted to be working with them.”

Jon Kirk, the managing director of Palamedes PR, added: “Biohistory is an incredible book, and one that promises to change our perspective on civilisation and history forever.

“Jim Penman’s fascinating new take on why societies develop and decline is both revolutionary and simple to grasp, and we are looking forward to bringing Biohistory the attention it deserves.”


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